Process of Project

This is the process Drummer Interiors follows from the day we meet a client until the day of project completion. This allows for the client & Drummer Interiors to have a seamless well thought out process for your project.

1. First Contact

- Please fill out the contact form on
- Request pictures &/or video of the proposed project from the client.
- Set up a day & time to come & look at your project.
- There is a consultation fee from $75.00 to $250.00 based on your project size.
- We will go over all your wants & needs of the project, collect pictures & take measurements.

2. Free Ball Park Estimate

- Use the information gathered to provide you with a price range for the project.

3. Design & Project Development

- There is a $75.00 per hour to design & develop the project.
- Design & Development includes Accurate initial estimates,
- Design, material selection & planning, Ordering & material management, Quality construction, Project management, Follow up & Warranty.

4. Estimate

- Sit down together & discuss the project in detail.
- We will get in contact with all vendors for material pricing.
- We will get in contact with all subcontractors to get accurate pricing.
- You will be provided with a detailed list of project materials that you will select.
- You will be provided with a list of my vendors and representatives to set up appointments. They will walk you through your selections.
- Using all the above information we will produce an accurate detailed estimate for the cost of the project.

5. Contract

- We will agree on a start date.
- A contract will be produced & signed.
- A down payment for the project will be made to cover the cost of materials & subcontractor down payments.

6. Project

- All the materials & products will be ordered in advance and be ready for the project start date.
- There will be dust walls set up to protect the rest of the home from the project.
- The floors from the entry of the home to the project area will be protected.
- We work on the project from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M – F.
- Our team of employees & subcontractors a professionals & work as a team.
- We will leave you with a final product that you love!

Design & Development Details

There are 6 critical elements needed for a successful remodel:

1. Accurate Initial Estimates:

So you can budget and plan properly and avoid surprise costs.

2. Design, Material Selection and Planning:

Detailed design work, material specs and plans are cheap insurance against mistakes, delays and regrets. Your project schedule should also be created in design.

3. Ordering & Material Management:

To avoid delays, check for damage or defects and keep your home clutter free.

4. Quality Construction:

Relationships with qualified installers and trade partners to build the project is very important. Too many contractors simply hire a handyman or shop for the low bidder.

5. Project Management:

So you know who to expect in your home and when. Project managers handle permits and inspections, do quality control, and generally make sure things are built on time and on budget.

6. Follow Up and Warranty:

To provide service and trust.